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about us

This is a story about two people who fell in love at first sight. Founded by husband and wife duo Tringa and Anthony Fahme, New York based Tringa Jewelers is a fine Jewelry store who celebrates the beauty and design of the utmost stunning pieces of jewelry.
Tringa and Anthony take great pride every step of the process from ordering and curating collections to modeling their own wares for social media. Getting to know their customers and community is the best part. It’s this deep understanding of their customers, along with carrying exclusive products and working with unique suppliers that sets Tringa Jewelers store apart.
Tringa a Diamond manger in her previous experience met Anthony a second generation jewelry specialist who together have not only created a beautiful family they have also created "The Ultimate Diamond Experience.
For Tringa Jewelers, luxury means researching and driving ourselves to explore the bounds of perfection. We invite you to join this journey with us and look forward to sharing stories through jewelry that we hope inspire meaning and reflection for you.

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